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Case Studies


Light Co., an Arizona-based lighting solutions provider, sought to accelerate strategic growth beyond their established referral network. National expansion plans necessitated a proactive approach to client acquisition.


We implemented a targeted marketing strategy. This included identifying key decision-makers within construction and development firms, crafting compelling sales assets (e.g., a dedicated landing page), and executing a strategic outreach campaign to establish Light Co.'s expertise and secure new business opportunities.


Within three weeks, Light Co. secured a high-profile meeting with a Fortune 500 company and positioned themselves for future projects through inclusion on over 20 tender lists. This significantly expanded their lead generation pipeline and paved the way for national expansion.

Clean Office NZ, a family-owned commercial cleaning company, desired rapid growth and exit within a defined timeframe. Their operational structure, however, limited their ability to generate new leads and manage external sales efforts.


We leveraged their existing sales collateral and implemented a multi-touch cold email campaign targeting a significantly broader audience base. This strategically designed 7-step email sequence nurtured leads throughout the year, while a dedicated appointment setting team converted email interest into concrete sales meetings.


The implemented strategy yielded exceptional results. Clean Office NZ secured over 40 qualified meetings per month for six months, resulting in a quadrupled revenue stream and a highly successful business exit at a valuation exceeding initial expectations.

Fast Facilities, a prominent facilities management company in Sydney, possessed a robust sales team but lacked a system for efficiently generating leads within their target market segment – large-scale daily cleaning contracts for major corporations.


We designed a customized in-house outreach program tailored to resonate with Sydney's leading businesses. This program could have encompassed industry-specific content marketing campaigns showcasing Fast Facilities' capabilities, targeted social media engagement with key decision-makers, or strategic partnerships for client referrals.


Within a few months, the bespoke outreach program yielded significant results. Fast Facilities secured inclusion on critical tender lists for major projects and established meetings with representatives from government agencies and prominent businesses, demonstrating successful expansion within their niche market.

More About The Founders


At 26, I might not be your typical Founder, but sales isn't exactly known for a grey-haired crowd.  

The truth is, I've been in the trenches since I was 16, learning the ropes of the game from the ground up.  Those early years were a crash course in the sales cycle – prospecting, qualifying leads, the whole dance.

Industrial sales became my proving ground. I spent years cutting my teeth at two globally recognized brands, the kind of companies everyone knows.  In that time, I racked up over $100 million in industrial real estate deals.

High-pressure situations, complex contracts, negotiating with top decision-makers – it was sink or swim, and I learned to navigate those waters with the best of them.

Here's the thing: I don't just sell systems, I use them.  Those big deals I mentioned?  Replicated the same process in a whole new region.  See, success in sales isn't about magic tricks.  

It's about having a system, one you can adapt and apply no matter the market.  That's the core of what we do here.  We don't just preach it, we practice it.

Speaking of practice, let's talk about high-level deals.  Industrial sales aren't for the faint of heart.  You need to be able to communicate value propositions that resonate with boardrooms, not bedrooms.  

You've got to speak the language of CEOs and CFOs, understand their priorities, and convince them that your solution is the key to their success.  

That's a skillset I honed over countless deals, and it's something I bring to the table every single day.

But sales is more than just closing deals.  It's about building a business that scales.  

That's why I'm not just a salesperson, I'm an entrepreneur at heart.  

The tools we offer here are the same ones I used to build my own success story.  

They're battle-tested, client-approved, and ready to help you take your sales game to the next level.  


Scayled's co-founder, isn't your typical salesperson.

He's built his career on the battlefield of the sales world, starting young and quickly rising through the ranks.

M.M. wasn't just another face in the crowd; he had a knack for understanding what made customers tick.

He saw sales not as a numbers game, but as an opportunity to build genuine connections and solve real problems.

This dedication to his clients' success propelled him to a leadership role in record time, inspiring his team with his infectious enthusiasm.

But M.M. wasn't one to settle. He craved new challenges and a chance to make an even bigger impact. That's when he dove headfirst into the world of Commercial Real Estate.

Here, the stakes were high – complex deals, demanding clients, and the need to be at the top of his game. Yet, M.M. thrived. He understood the value of a firm handshake and the importance of building trust that went beyond just closing the deal.

It was during this time that M.M.'s path crossed with A.B., and together they saw a gap in the industry – a need for a fresh approach that combined proven sales tactics with modern innovation.

This ignited the creation of Scayled.M.M. brings a unique perspective to the table. He's a master of the fundamentals, the kind of leader who believes in the power of a genuine conversation and a tailored approach.

But he's also a visionary who understands that these values need to evolve alongside technology and market trends.M.M. isn't just about closing deals; he's about building a company that puts the client at the heart of everything we do.

He fosters a culture of collaboration and continuous learning, where success is measured by the value we create for our clients.

More Experience

My passion for sales extends beyond the corporate world. I've also ventured into the realm of startups.

As the founder of, a B2C SaaS company, I gained invaluable experience building a business from the ground up.  

This involved wearing many hats, from overseeing development to leading sales and marketing efforts.  

The dedication paid off – within a few short weeks, garnered over 100 users, demonstrating the effectiveness of our sales methodologies across different company sizes and market segments.

This experience solidified my belief that a strong sales system is the cornerstone of success, regardless of the scale of the organization.
My sales expertise transcends traditional office environments. I've honed my skills as a remote closer for multiple offerings, exceeding expectations by generating over $500,000 in revenue through cold outreach and remote deal closure.  

This accomplishment highlights my ability to connect with leads and convert them into paying customers without the typical face-to-face interactions.  

Operating remotely requires a unique skillset – focus, discipline, and a keen understanding of human psychology are all crucial for success.  

These experiences have equipped me with a well-rounded understanding of the sales landscape, from navigating complex negotiations in boardrooms to fostering remote connections that drive revenue growth.

Why Scayled?

Building a sales team that crushes quotas isn't for the faint of heart.  It's a time suck, a resource drain, and let's be honest, sometimes a recruitment nightmare.  That's where we come in.  

We're the shortcut you've been waiting for
Faster Growth
Nobody wants to wait around for results.  

Our battle-tested systems and sales team get you closer to your goals faster than you would have initially thought.

Stop spinning your wheels and start celebrating wins.
Ditch the Overhead, Keep the Cash
Building an in-house sales team is an expensive proposition – recruitment fees, training costs etc.  

With Scayled, it's a simple equation results equal revenue.  

No more surprise HR bills, just predictable growth fueled by our expertise.
Focus on Your Hustle, Not Your Headcount
You started your business because you're passionate, not because you love managing a sales team.  

We let you focus on what you do best – running your core business – while we handle the lead generation and deal conversion.  
Scale Up or Down on Demand
The market shifts, your goals evolve.  

We get it.  

We offer the flexibility to adjust your sales force up or down as needed.  

You're never stuck with a team that doesn't fit your current needs.
Proven Playbook, Guaranteed Results
We're not here to play guessing games.  

Our team has a proven track record of helping businesses achieve their sales goals, and we bring that experience to the table for you.  

Consider us your secret weapon for sales domination.
Scayled did exactly what they promised. We didn't realize how much we were leaving on the table until the team at Scayled reviewed our old databases and turned them into paying customers. We're now growing the sales team and the ease of knowing that is being handled by professionals allows me to focus on the main wheels that keep the business moving.
John M - Founder